Nestled next to the Columbia River in Southwest Washington, Camas brings endless possibilities of adventure, hidden treasures and friendship. The beauty of Camas is all-encompassing, from the stunning scenery of Lacamas Lake and surrounding trails to the majestic Cascade Mountains, you will never fail to find a breathtaking view. The charming downtown is filled with many local businesses including mouth-watering eateries, adorable shops, and pubs where you can't help but run into someone you know. 

But a town isn’t just defined by its physical features, it's made up of the people who live there and you won’t find a more dedicated community than those who live in Camas. So whether you are quenching your thirst at a local gem, experiencing the beauty of the Heritage Trail, or cheering on the home team, Camas has a way of working its way into your heart. 

Camas isn’t just a place, it's a feeling, it’s a people, it’s a home. This is Camas.

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