Our stories make us who we are—our town is where they come to life. We're sharing the stories of the people who make Camas a place we're proud to call home. This month, we’re sharing the stories of Camas High School Sweethearts!

MARRIED 25 YEARS Ryan and Andrea met when Ryan was a senior and Andria was a freshman at high school in Camas. A few years after Ryan graduated, they began dating and less than a year later were married! After several years of living in different areas of the country, they knew it was time to come back home when their children were ready to start school. Ryan passed up his dream job so that their children could experience the small town feel of Ryan and Andria’s hometown. 

When Ryan became ill with pancreatic cancer a few years ago, the Camas community rallied around Ryan and Andria—throwing fundraisers, and creating shirts and bracelets to show their support. Today, Ryan is over two years cancer-free! For Ryan and Andria, the Camas community is more than just friends and neighbors—it's family. 

MARRIED 6 YEARS. Greg and Judy met in Camas and began dating when Judy was in the 7th grade and Greg was in the 8th grade. After dating throughout high school, Judy was accepted to a nursing program in Utah. They soon broke up and each met their spouses and created families of their own—Judy in Utah, and Greg in Wisconsin. 

Over the decades, Greg and Judy remained friends and stayed in touch. Just over 6 years ago, Judy’s husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away soon after. Just 5 months later, Greg’s wife died suddenly. Through their grief, they comforted each other and rekindled their romance from decades past. Greg and Judy soon married and now split their time between Utah and Washington.

MARRIED 23 YEARS  Matthew and Tami met at church when Tami was in 8th grade and Matthew was in 9th grade. After a year of friendship, they began dating and have been together ever since. They married soon after high school and began renovating a house in Camas they planned to sell. Initially, Camas was a hard sell for Tami. However, growing up, Tami moved around a lot and knew she wanted stability and a family environment for their future children. An uncertain housing market led Matthew and Tami to change their plans and they decided to make the house they had planned to flip their own.

Matthew, who was born and raised in Camas and is a local history buff, was thrilled to stay in his hometown and close to family. Fast forward to today, and Matthew and Tami have now raised their 4 children in that very same home in Camas! 

In November 2021, Matthew was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. While the future is uncertain, Matthew and Tami’s love continues to defy the odds. 


ENGAGED   Bubba and Elizah started dating during high school in Camas. While Bubba and Elizah went to different high schools, they attended Running Start together and shared mutual friends. Elizah knew she’d found the one when they traveled to Utah together her senior year. In spite of this, they decided to break up that fall when Elizah left for college in Arizona.

Upon her return that Thanksgiving, Bubba and Elizah knew it was meant to be and got back together! After surviving years of long-distance while Elizah was at college and while they each completed mission trips, they’re now engaged to be married on February 18th. Following a honeymoon in Florida, the couple will continue renovating a bus and then travel the country! 


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